See The Difference

When we first started working on Full On we had one goal in mind. To design a light for mountain biking that performed better, and was more reliable than what was currently available on the market. 

We started by buying lights from the top selling bike light manufacturers and testing them. We spent hours out on the trails testing every combination of helmet and bar mounted lights we could find.

The results were clear, while some lights performed better than others, there were consistent areas where they fell short. The competitors lights tended to focus the majority of the light in the centre, illuminating a small area, but ignoring the riders peripheral vision. Many of the lights were also just simply not bright enough to ride with confidence.

With this in mind we got to work designing a custom optic. Drawing from our years work with commercial outdoor lighting we knew that providing more uniform light provides a higher sense of security and comfort. We also wanted to illuminate a larger area, allowing the rider to see oncoming terrain with lots of time to react.

The result is a light that lets you see better, ride faster, feel safer, and have more fun. And we are so excited to bring this to market in summer 2024.

The top photo is two popular competitors lights, one helmet mounted, and one bar mounted. The bottom photo is one of our lights, mounted on the helmet. These photos were taken with the same camera, using the same settings and the difference in visibility is clear.